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We have reshaped the geometry of the tone hole and pipe with two goals in mind: to minimise the effort required to make the fullest possible sound, and to achieve a flute sound that is both rich and flexible. The sound of the resulting instruments comes from the combination of many details in geometry and workmanship.


Our “Comfort” model is made of cylindrical brass tubing and is silver-plated.

The instrument is optimized to use the energy of the player most efficiently, requiring minimal energy to produce a stable, bright and powerful tone. Clear note definition yields excellent staccato response, but this definition carries over into legato-playing as well. This head is especially for pipers with open embouchures, not narrowly focused.

CHF 598.-


This model reflects our experience in historical instrument making: the mouthpipe is made out of soldered, conical piping made from hammered sheet bronze, giving it an irregular, “historical” surface. The lip plate is made of brass. With the same effort, this instrument will give a richer but less powerful sound than the “Comfort” model, especially noticeable in the lower register. A more flexible note definition means that legato playing is easier, even in the slurring of large intervals. This head demands more energy and focus from the player, but is also more flexible and offers a greater range of expression.

In the Basler Fasnacht tradition, we recommend this mouthpiece for playing the more highly-ornamented third voice in the piccolo band, where the richness of the lower register and the easy response through slurs and cantabile playing shows the true colours of the instrument.

CHF 800.-

Frequently Asked Question: What are the advantages of the new piccolo heads?

  • The connoisseur has a rich palette of colours and dynamics to work with.

  • The beginner can enjoy that it takes less effort to play loudly for long periods of time.

  • It is easy to change between transverse flute and piccolo because the tone hole is similar to that of a flute.

  • Both mouthpieces are versatile, good for playing in both low and high registers, and are compatible with the “Spezial” piccolo body available through Musik Oesch, Basel.