Piccolo B/A

We have developed a new piccolo trumpet aimed at professional and advanced amateur players. It is often the case that brand-name piccolo trumpets compromise the dimensions of the instrument in order to provide an instrument playable in both Bb and A. In many cases, these instruments work passably in one pitch, but not really very well at all in the second, prompting the player to buying another entire trumpet to complete the pair. The key to our new piccolo trumpet is that we have avoided this compromise by providing separate bell sections for A and Bb tuning, as well as separate 1st and 3rd slides. Through these optimised components and the palette of available bell materials, thicknesses and rims we offer, our piccolo trumpet boasts versatility in both sound and feel, and is adaptable to the needs of many different players.



Bronze valve section with nickel silver endings
ML Bore: 11.5 mm
Nickel silver outer slides
slide bows out of red brass
lever trigger for the 3rd valve slide
bell out of yellow brass, red brass or bronze
bell thickness of 0.45 in brass or 0.5 mm in gold brass
bell with Mainz rim
lever trigger for the 1st valve slide
blue anodized valve tappets
pistonheads with mother of pearl inlay
finish of polished brass, silver or gold plating, brushed gold plating
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sound sample

Peter Mönkediek
johannes 1
Principal Trumpet, WDR – Symphony Orchestra Köln
Extract from: T. Albinoni, Concerto in B

H. Haefner - Vollmer, Peter Mönkediek – Wüllener Kirche St. Andreas (2011)



Johannes Sondermann
johannes 1
Principal Trumpet, SWR – Symphony Orchestra Freiburg
Adagio – Johann Michael Haydn, Concerto in D for trumpet und organ

extract from the CD: Trompete & Orgel – Barockkirche St. Peter (2012)
Adagio – Leopold Mozart Concerto für Trompete und Orgel

extract from the CD: Trompete & Orgel – Barockkirche St. Peter (2012)