Joo Jazz

The JooJazz trumpet was launched on the initiative of, and in collaboration with international jazz star Joo Kraus.

Esthetics and sound of the JooJazz form a true sensory symbiosis for the eyes and ears. The result is a simple yet elegant design. Symmetrical geometrical shapes determined the design of the trumpet. Round, wide bows on the bell and the tuning slide provide a rounded look in the truest sense of the word.

The bell of the JooJazz is formed out of pure copper and is supported by an untreated matte surface creating a pleasant color mix of non-ferrous coloratura.

DJoo Kraus, the inspiration of this new trumpet was also the source of the name. Like his latest musical project, this trumpet model was also christened "JooJazz".

Joo’s wish list for the new trumpet was short but substantial. It needed to be versatile, oriented towards jazz and amplified music, from funky to mellow. Great intonation and just enough resistance to offer stability when pushed to the edge.

As for what mellow means to us: mature, juicy, mild, warm, full, round, soft, gentle, serene, affable, cheerful, and always in a good mood. There's nothing to add except to have fun!




Heavy brass valve section with stainless steel valves
Valve set MAV or regular
ML Bore: 11.7 mm
Reversed leadpipe
Nickel silver outer slides
Slides bows out of brass
Copper bell 0.5 mm with French bead edge
Bell diameter 140 mm
Piston heads with mother-of-pearl insert
2 Amado water keys on tuning slide and 3rd valve slide
Finish of polished rough
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