Adolf Egger founded the company "Blechblas-Instrumentenbau Egger" in 1940, building brass instruments in all sizes from trumpet to tuba and making a respected name for himself in the Basel area. In 1961 Rainer Egger followed in his footsteps. Already as an apprentice in his father's shop Rainer Egger was fascinated to learn about the way instruments work. Constantly looking for the "ideal" sound and optimal acoustic properties he further developed the historical trumpets and trombones with which his father had pioneered since around 1965. The first relatively simple reproductions of historical instruments and today’s copies are worlds apart. Our instruments serve the needs of historically-informed performers of the highest professional calibre and our collection has expanded in order to provide instruments appropriate to different uses and historical periods.

Adolf Egger founded the company "Blechblas-Instrumentenbau Egger" in 1940, buildingToday Rainer Egger heads a small team of exceptionally skilled employees devoted to maintaining the highest standards of quality. The designs of Egger's instruments are the result of countless experiments with various materials, dimension plans, construction methods, and years of building experience. Through close collaboration with experienced musicians and acousticians as well as study of original instruments in museums and private collections, we have continually refined our historical copies. We use the latest computer modelling and acoustical measuring methods to expand and analyse the knowledge we have gained from both study and practical experience.

Adolf Egger founded the company "Blechblas-Instrumentenbau Egger" in 1940, buildingIn 2008 the Galileo line of modern trumpets, sharing our company philosophy, joined the Egger workshop. Galileo offers a complete palette of contemporary piston and rotary-valve trumpets in all major pitches. Through the synergy of our two innovation- and quality-oriented philosophies, our workshop has become a world leader in trumpet making. Just as with the historical instruments of Egger, Galileo trumpets are enjoyed and coveted around the globe equally by solo artists, orchestras and ensembles.